Helping children all over the world

Invincible Kids is a community of people with a shared goal: to protect and improve the lives of vulnerable children all over the world. To help this happen, we've created an NFT collection where 100% of all revenue will be donated to children's charities or reinvested in community projects.

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🎨The Collection

INKIDS is a collection of 3,333 kickass artworks, all with hand-drawn features, each representing a unique Invincible Kid.

Owning one sends a strong message to the world that you're part of the INKIDS cause. So pick the one that brings out your inner child and use it across all your socials.

📍The Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals for INKIDS, so read on to find out just how far we plan to take the collection. The roadmap may evolve over time and, with community input, become even better!



The public price to mint an INKID will be the same for everyone: 0.05Ξ.
It will be possible to mint a maximum of 10 INKIDS per transaction.
The opening mint date will be released soon on Twitter and Discord.



Our goal is to involve the community as much as possible.

Part 2 will consist of building a DAO where every INKID holder can vote on where they want the money to go (to which charities, NGOs, etc). It will be also possible to vote for the projects that are the most important to you.



Our priority is, and will always be, to generate as much revenue as possible for our charities. To help that, we will work to increase the value of your INKID over time.

We have lots of projects in mind that we will submit to the community throughout the roadmap.

To name just a few, we'd love to:
  • Create a cartoon or a comic book for children (featuring the community's very own INKIDS!)
  • Produce figurines, toys, and comforters of your INKID
  • Develop an INKIDS board game
  • Design exciting, unique collections in collaboration with community-selected brands (Disney, Marvel, DC Comics ...)

We've got lots more ideas than that, and we can't wait to hear our community's as well!


The INKIDS are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. As the creators of the collection, we receive two types of revenue: the mint proceeds and the royalties.

100% of all revenue will go to the INKIDS Wallet, where it will be divided up between charity donations and investment in new projects.

👊The Team

INKIDS was created by a group of friends from the French tech industry who share the same vision of taking the best of Web3 to build something meaningful. We believe that NFTs are not simply about merch and goods, they can bring a positive impact to people's real lives. INKIDS stems from the belief that Web3 can be a force for good in the world.

We're in this for the long run. We want to build a family that believes in a new kind of good-doing, enabled by Web3 and NFTs!

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Graphic Designer
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Graphic Designer
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